What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging? Is it Worth the Time?

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging? Is it Worth the Time?

Everyone is trying to take their website to the next level as 2019 rolls in.

They are gearing up for a strong organic pull for the new year with
new keywords, redesigned pages, and data cleanups.

While all of these will really help your site perform better on the search engines,
they aren’t the only things that can.

For those looking for the next step to boosting their domain authority
even higher, we suggest you look into guest blogging.

Let’s take a look at how using guest blogging services can help find healthy inbound link opportunities
and boost your website authority and traffic.


Traffic Sharing

One of the biggest factors in the search engine results is monthly traffic to the site.

Many companies try to boost their monthly traffic through social platforms,
but they often forget to add guest posting into the plan for boosting traffic.

This is a bad choice too because they are missing the opportunity to participate
in traffic sharing through the sites they guest blog on.

Every time you put a guest post on another site, you have the opportunity to tap into the other site’s traffic channel.

You are putting yourself in front of the entire community the other site has put together.

Instead of taking the years of time it takes to get to some of these site’s traffic numbers,
you get to put your hand in the pot with a guest post.

This gives you the opportunity to get them to your site and boost your traffic numbers.

Building a Backlink Profile

Like we said before, guest blogging gives you the chance to drive traffic to your site.

You do this by linking back to your site somewhere in the article.

There are two main ways that people go about this this.

They either link their home page in the by-line, or they use a piece of onsite content to craft their off site content.

Either way, you are creating a route to your website,
and cast a “vote” from the guest blogging site to you site. This will help you grow your backlink profile.

A larger backlink profile helps your site build authority.

The more sites you have linking back to your, the higher your site’s authority across the web.

This means you can write guest posts all over your niche, and have the major players in your field linking back to you.

The more relatable the backlinks profile is to your business, the stronger results you will see.

If you are trying to get into making new running shoes, you want to look into running blogs and business sites to guest post on.


Boosting SEO with Inbound Links


Looking back into the latter half of the strategy to boost your backlink profile, you can relate your offsite and onsite content through keywords.

By anchoring your onsite post to a related keyword in the offsite post, you help the Google bots recognize the key focus of your onsite content.

By using exact match and partial match keywords, you will boost the authority of the page you are linking back to.

This means you now how multiple opportunities to tailor your post to your content, but make sure to keep up your best practices and link to others too.

Try to keep your links in a guest post to one, and make sure it’s related and helps explain the offsite topic.

The more take this strategy across the internet, the more Google will understand your authority on the subject.

If all of these places are linking to you with terms that directly relate to the post, that post will gain authority. As that post gains authority, it will rank higher in the search results.

As that higher ranking drives more overall traffic, you site’s authority will raise as well.


So is Guest Blogging Worth It?

Oh boy is it. From start up to long standing presence, guest blogging is a great way to boost your organic traffic and web authority.

This can happen naturally over time as people start to catch on to your amazing content too.

Keep an eye on your backlink profile and the content you are posting.

People who love your amazing content will copy it and ship it out as their own.

When they decide to link back to you, it could cause issues with copywriting and claiming the content as your own.

If you really take the time to find high authority sites in your niche,
you can become part of their traffic numbers with guest posts.

If you start to find sites that are really helping you drive traffic, try starting a relationship with them for guest posts.

This gives you a chance to become a familiar face, and the familiar faces tend to get more traffic on blogging networks.

A word of advice for starting a relationship with a specific site.

Don’t continuously link back to the same page with your off site content,
especially if you are planning to post there multi times.

You are wasting an opportunity to link to other impactful onsite content that can bolster your site rankings.

If you take the strategy above into every subject of your onsite content, you can use the same site to vote up multiple posts on your site.

Take the time to think about how you can make the most of your content with your guest blogging.

If you write the best content and catch your ideal audiences’ attention,
you are sure to see your traffic numbers going up month over month.

You might not see the results of you efforts right away, but after 3 months, you should start seeing that traffic graph going up and to the right, the way it should be.

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