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Just Follow These Steps to Link Building Success

1 - Contact Link Kings

First, things first, send us a contact form to let us know you’re ready to build links like a Link King.   

You can drop us a line here: 

2 - Connect With a Link King Specialist

Once you have sent the contact for, one of the Link King Specialists will reach out to you. At this time, we will go over your goals, ideals sites, niches, and give you access to the Link Kings Network.

3 - Access the Link Kings Network

Once you have talked to a Link King Specialist, you will get access to the Link King’s Network. This robust network is broken down by authority and niche, so you can target the type of audience you want.

4 - Get Your Outreach Estimate

Once you know where you want to put your content, it’s time to see how much it will cost. Simply contact your Link King Specialist with the places you want to go and your content needs, and your specialist will return an estimate for the work. 

5 - Claim the Throne

Once your order is placed, Link Kings takes care of the rest. We work with the editors to get your content placed, so more eyes can be on you. More eyes and more clicks leads to more authority. Authority gets you higher up the search engine results for your keywords, and ultimately will lead to more traffic. 

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